‘Al Shomoukh 2, Swift Sword 3 exercises big success for both UK and Oman’

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The Al Shomoukh 2 exercise by the Sultan’s Armed Forces (SAF), the Ministry of Defence departments, the military and security apparatuses, in addition to a wide participation from civil organisations, as well as the Omani-British military exercise Swift Sword 3 will be concluded with a practical demonstration on November 3.

More than 70,000 participants from various military, security and civil establishments alongside more than 5,500 soldiers from the British Armed Forces, took part and the authorities said the exercises were a success.

Air Commodore Maktoum bin Salim al Mazrouei, Assistant SAF Chief of Staff for Joint Training and Exercises, said various military weapons and equipment, which had recently joined service, were used in the exercises which are considered the biggest field exercises in terms of size in the history of Sultan’s Armed Forces.

‘Al Shomoukh 2 2

“Exercises Swift Sword 3 and Al Shomoukh 2 were the largest in the history of the Sultan’s Armed Forces. We have achieved all the national goals set out for the two exercises. The British Armed Forces have influenced many common concepts of joint operations between the two sides,” he said.

He added that the Sultan’s Armed Forces exchanged military experience with the British Armed Forces that have a history of military capabilities, and expertise and the exercises have not reported any injuries.

“The remaining days of the exercises will witness our success and there would be a practical final drill to showcase our maritime, land and air drill capabilities.”

He said that the two forces will determine the lessons learnt from each other and from the two exercises in order to take advantage of future exercise plans.

“The drill will be conducted with live ammunition in the simulated theatre environment with real battle operations,” he said.

Brig Gen Mark Peter Kenyon, director of the Directorate of Military Development, said Swift Sword 3 has been so successful and is a great demonstration of the historic and enduring friendship that exists between the two countries and between the two armed forces.

“Omani and British forces demonstrated our ability to work closely together at sea, on land and in the air. We have conducted amphibious landings, deploying, for the first time, Omani troops from British ships; and we have conducted combined armoured operations involving 20,000 Omani and British troops in the desert of Oman,” he said.

“Another first, we have deployed our fighter aircraft side by side and conducted the air-to-air refuelling on Omani Typhoon fighters from British Voyager aircraft. Significantly improving their ability to operate together during this exercise,” he added.

Brig Gen Kenyon said, “Swift Sword 3 exercise has demonstrated that the Armed Forces of the United Kingdom remain ready and able to support our friends and allies wherever and whenever it is needed.

“The firepower demonstration this Saturday will showcase the British and Omani equipment used on the exercises and is a statement of both countries commitment to one another and the United Kingdom’s commitment to stability across the Gulf region.”

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