AIESEC expands to Sohar

Sohar - 

AIESEC, the world’s largest student-run organisation has opened an office at Sohar University (SU).

“Sohar has a lot of bright students but there are few opportunities for them to develop their potential outside the university. Our aim is to fill this gap,” said Rafael Pilliard Hellwig, president of AIESEC in Oman.

“We want to equip the students with employment skills by encouraging them to take on leadership positions and build networking between fresh graduates and companies. It was a natural step for us to expand to Sohar to increase the welfare of the Omani community.” A press release said that the organisation’s operations were approved and warmly welcomed by the university’s management.

“Sohar University recognises AIESEC’s interest in providing its services to the university community. We are pleased to acknowledge AIESEC Sohar as an active student group and the official expansion of AIESEC in Oman for providing our students with global exchange and leadership,” stated Dr Abood al Sawafi, vice chancellor, SU.

The release also said that with 19 active members, AIESEC Sohar has ambitious plans to send 30 students from Oman for an exchange programme to one of the 110 countries the organisation is present in by June next year.

“Despite the short history of AIESEC in Sohar, we have already sent two Omani students for internships in India and want to give more students opportunities as well,” said Sameer Khan, committee president, AIESEC Sohar.

Apart from the exchange programme, AIESEC Sohar is planning to recruit 30 talented students to be a part of the organisation, the release said.
“We aim to provide a platform for the youth of the Batinah region to polish their talents and skills by undertaking hands-on leadership experience with AIESEC,” said Khan.

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