50 scholarships announced in memory of Salim Bahwan

Muscat - 

The Sur University College has announced 50 scholarships in memory of veteran Omani film actor and director, Salim Bahwan. The scholarships will be offered to orphans in the sultanate. The announcement was made by the college on Sunday.

A college official said, “Salim hailed from Sur and it was his hometown. In an untimely moment he left us. “He won laurels around the world for his works in both films and theatre. Known for his vibrant personality and knowledge of cinema, Salim was an inspiration to not only people of Sur but to the entire country. He inspired many young people both Omanis and non-Omanis.”

The college has started accepting scholarships from April 9 for all courses. It will continue receiving applications till all 50 seats are filled. Orphan students from across Oman can apply for the scholarships.

Some of Salim Bahwan’s best movies include Mahra Story, Search For The Impossible and The Final Delivery. He died on March 11 at The Royal Hospital of a massive heart attack.

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