400 enthusiasts celebrate International Yoga Day event

Muscat - 

Yogatherapy4all, a group founded by yoga expert Prema Nagesh, celebrated “International day of Yoga” under the patronage of Indian Embassy at the Al Falaj Hotel, Ruwi.

Themed ‘Health is your right’, the event witnessed 400 yoga enthusiasts join together on a weekend to inspire each other to perform 12 steps to good health. Individuals from various walks of life attended the event including diplomats from the American, South African and Libyan,

Moroccan embassies, and corporate professionals.

Handpicked yoga learners in the age group of 8-80 were performing on stage, demonstrating the sun salutations techniques 108 times.

Gloria Gangte, chargé d’affaires, India Embassy in Muscat addressed the audience with regard to the importance of ancient practice of yoga and its relevance in the modern times.

Dr Lalitha Balaji, a practicing medical professional spoke about the medical benefits of one of yoga's core exercises: The 12 step sun salutations.

Prema Nagesh, yoga expert and founder of Yogatherapy4all said, “The sun salutations give tremendous health benefits. It’s simple and the most effective way to healthy life. I have personally seen so many positive health benefits derived by my students; they have been sharing their experiences of tremendous improvements to their serious health problems such as further relapse of breast cancer, slipped discs, hormonal imbalance in the body and so on.”

One of the participants Meena V, a UN professional said, “I was thrilled to participate in this event and take the pledge for good health. I have seen my physical, mental health improve tremendously due to simple yoga and meditation techniques that have brought a unique balance in my lifestyle. Thanks to Yogatherapy4all for creating a platform for enthusiasts like us to make a difference.”

The programme then concluded with the exercise of counter postures and guided relaxation for those who had completed all steps, which was succeeded by a vote of thanks, and refreshments for all who were present.

Also a health check-up was organised by Badr al Samaa Group and Muscat Pharmacy group to check the sugar levels and BP levels of the participants before and after sun salutations.

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