310 students graduate at Modern College of Business and Science

Muscat - 

Modern College of Business and Science (MCBS) held its 23rd graduation ceremony on Saturday at the Grand Millennium Muscat with 310 students belonging to the class of 2017 receiving their Associate and Bachelor degrees.

Professor Dr Joel N Glassman, academic director of International Studies and Programmes at the University of Missouri, St Louis, US, conferred the degrees, which were presented to the graduates by Dr Muneer al Maskery, founder and executive chairman of MCBS, and chancellor of the university Dr Thomas F George, in the presence of prof Ahmed al Naamany, dean of MCBS, Dr Khalfan al Asmi, associate dean of Modern College, board members, faculty members, students and parents.

In his welcome address, Dr Asmi congratulated the graduating students and stressed the value of internships and said, “Omani employers are stepping up and understanding the value of internships by opening doors to our students as interns. At MCBS, students are given opportunities to experience semester-long internships to benefit from the skill, experience and prospective job opportunities through the MCBS college internship scheme.

“MCBS is on the move, we are instituting and incorporating skills and practical experience matched with internships in appropriate majors. Our goal is to help our students become work ready when they graduate from MCBS.”

Through the arduous work of the faculty and the wise leadership of Dr Maskery and dean prof Naamany, MCBS has gained a premier status.

“MCBS is continuously striving to make positive improvements to give our future generations the best opportunities. MCBS is launching a Master degree in Public Administration this year in collaboration with the American University of Cairo. This is a programme that will be taught in Arabic with the first cohort registering now.”

Concluding his speech, Dr Asmi said, “Education is the way forward to achieve the changing needs of our society, which is rapidly developing, and providing quality education is our goal. MCBS will continue to send graduates who are ready to serve Oman and the world.”

Delivering the keynote address, prof Glassman congratulated the graduates of Class of 2017.

He said, “It was a great honour to speak to the first MCBS graduating class 20 years ago and it is an equally great honour to address the most recent graduates. You have benefitted from the excellent education at MCBS. Your journey with us is far from over.

“You must plan and replenish and renew your knowledge at an evermore rapid pace. Success for you as an individual, and for Oman as a nation, will be determined by your willingness and ability to continue to learn. The most important knowledge you acquired at MCBS is learning how to learn.”

Prof Glassman added, “You must continue to find ways to balance between modern, inclusive and tolerant values, while preserving and protecting your Omani culture and heritage.”

Concluding his speech, prof Glassman told the students that MCBS has provided them with a first-class education that has increased their technical skills, enhanced their capacity to continue to learn and grow both personally and professionally and has helped transform them into citizens of the world.

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