200 wind-uprooted trees replanted in Bidiyah

Muscat - 

Over 40 Omani youths replanted trees uprooted by strong winds which hit the wilayat of Bidiyah last Friday. The three-day campaign that concluded on Monday was also a way to spread awareness among the public on the importance of preserving the environment.

Speaking to Muscat Daily, Hamoud Sultan al Hajri, one of the participants in the campaign, said, “More than 40 youths participated in this campaign. The Department of Environment and Climate Affairs in North Sharqiyah, in cooperation with volunteers and some private sector companies, worked to replant the trees. The winds uprooted 200 trees last Friday. These trees date back more than 50 years old and include the Summer and Ghaf trees.”

Replanting trees comprises several stages. First, the team members evaluate if the wind-thrown tree is healthy enough to be replanted. Then, other members of the team dig the ground. Backhoes are used to pull trees and utmost care is taken till they are replanted, said Hajri.

Some trees took a long time to be replanted, said Hajri. “Some of the trees were huge and took a long time to be replanted. These trees are useful for feeding animals and are an attraction for many tourists especially during the winter.”

Tahir al Sayabi, an official in the Department of Environment and Climate Affairs in North Sharqiyah, said, “The campaign began on Saturday and ended on Monday. The ministry provided a lot of equipment and tools to replant the trees. Through the campaign we wanted to show the members of our community how important it is to conserve our trees and environment.”

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