115 Omani students asked to leave states likely to be hit by Hurricane Florence in the US

Muscat - 

The Omani authorities said on Wednesday that 115 students have been asked to leave North and South Carolina and mid-Atlantic states in the US likely to be hit by Hurricane Florence.

The students will be compensated for expenses incurred during the evacuation process, the Omani authorities announced.

The Ministry of Higher Education announced on its Twitter account that it is coordinating with the Omani cultural attaché in Washington for the evacuation of these 115 Omani students from the areas likely to be affected by Hurricane Florence.

The ministry has urged Omani students to move to safer areas such as Florida.

Dr Talal al Balushi, cultural attaché in Washington DC said, “We will bear car rental costs, internal airfares, hotel accommodation and food costs. All the expenses incurred between September 11 and 16 will be borne by us. The students must rationalise all expenses and retain bills.”

He has asked all Omani students in the affected areas to contact it for any emergency at 5717220000.

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