The art of fruits

Being a henna designer and passionate about fashion, Najmah Hamdoon al Musallami wanted to do something ‘different’ - something not yet in the market  - in her next move.

She took long to ponder over it and plan until she finally decided to expand her artistic love and hobby of fruit carving to an uncommon yet productive pursuit. She ventured into a fruits bouquet business - it involves artistic designing, is healthy and a profitable business, too.


Najmah then decided to open a home-based business and registered it under the name Star Fruits Bouquet. Being a new idea in the market, her business has attracted many, young and old. “I wanted to replace flower bouquets with fruit bouquets which people could spend on and gift each other; something beneficial for our bodies instead of buying flowers which die in two-three days,” Najmah told Muscat Daily.


"My business targets all kinds of people and I meet all requirements - from birthday parties, office meetings, National Day celebrations... name it and I do the necessary arrangements. You get what you ask  for in the most appealing and healthy way," Najmah said.

The Star Fruits bouquets are not only visually attractive but also meet nutritional requirements, and at the same time enhancing every occasion.


”I decided to make fruits my business because being a fruit lover, I wanted to convey the same love among people in the most distinct way. Instead of having a birthday cake, I design my fruits in the very same way you would have a cake but more healthy, caring and unique," Najmah added.

Her future plans are to expand her business to supply her bouquets all over Oman. "I want to meet the needs of customers and supply all over Oman. Currently, I supply in Muscat. Also, Star Fruits Bouquet caters to all genders; I try my best to present bouquets suitable to specific genders and occasions.”


Najmah spends at least three hours on a single bouquet and prices start from RO 15 and go as high as RO 350 depending on the size, the fruits used and complexity of design.

“Doing this business is a stress reliever for me because I am doing what I love. It feels good to be unique and also meet your customers' needs at the same time. I would like to call upon people to understand this beautiful art. And I am here to give you the perfect and healthy bouquet to enhance your lifestyle,” she said.

It is challenging sometimes when clients specify the kind of fruits  they want in the bouquet.

“Some fruits are seasonal making it a challenge to get them, but otherwise thankfully, I have been able to meet the requirements of all my customers with the help of my family who support me fully with the final touches only. I do all the preparations like washing, cutting, designing and they help me with the ribbons or any other final touches to make it the perfect bouquet meeting the clients’ expectations.”

Ameer al Shaibani, Najmah's husband, was proud to say that his wife's business has become a family affair. "Whenever Najmah is crafting her ideas, we enjoy seeing her doing so and we too give a helping hand in whatever way she needs it. It has become a family affair involving both my children and me," Shaibani said.

Najmah can be reached on 94951263; Instagram account - starfruitsbouquet

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