Historic Fashion

Amal al Raisi has ventured where no Omani designer dared before. Set against the backdrop of the National Museum in Muscat, the designer showcased her Spring/Summer 2019 collection on Saturday. 

Models dressed in Amal’s exquisite designs walked through the grand atrium of the museum where handicrafts were displayed. It only made sense for the designer to choose the museum as her venue, considering the fact that her collection was inspired by a famous archeological site in Oman.

Amal’s Spring/Summer 2019 is dedicated to bridging the gap between the East and West, and inspired by the historic Al Baleed site in Dhofar.

Al Baleed is a Unesco world heritage site that served as a trading hub between the West and the Far East. To illustrate the workings of this old port, Amal used elements derived from different countries including India, China and Persia. The collection radiates sophistication by blending traditional designs with a modern twist. Her signature feature of embellishments is added for a final touch of luxury.

“It’s a dream come true to be able to showcase my latest collection at the National Museum. I try to reflect an element of Omani heritage in every collection I design and presenting it at a venue that boasts Omani culture and traditions is such a privilege,” said Amal.

Amal’s SS’19 presentation was the first fashion show to take place at the National Museum. The museum is a cultural platform showcasing the nation’s heritage both locally and internationally.

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