Health: Break a sweat

Gone are the days when exercising was just a routine activity. For the millennial, today even a workout needs to be appealing and must have a creative twist. In Muscat, within city limits there are a couple of unconventional workouts that are gaining popularity. Taking advantage of the coastline and open spaces, people are opting for activities tailored around these elements in an effort to escape the monotony and boredom that can creep into any routine.

Here are some winter workouts that are fun and exciting:

Pole Dancing

Celebrities such as Robin Wright and Kate Hudson swear by pole fitness to shed weight. Besides being an intriguing form of exercise, pole fitness can be an addictive exercise, as it involves learning an art to perfection. An emerging form of fitness, pole dancing combines cardio and isometric exercises and strengthens the core and improves flexibility. Apart from increasing muscle strength and stamina, it also helps develop body confidence. “The best part about pole dancing as a form of exercise is that it targets each and every muscle of the body from the hand to the toes and strengthens the body,” says Talha al Busaidi, owner and instructor at Pole Fit Muscat. “It’s challenging and combines gymnastics, art and dancing on a vertical pole,” she adds. Pole dancing as an exercise is fun and innovative and never gets boring as one constantly learns and uses different moves on the pole.

An hour of pole dancing can burn anywhere between 350- 500 calories

Where : Pole Fit Muscat , Al Khoudh conducts daily classes from 6pm onwards


Full moon Yoga

While yoga in general is a great workout for the body, targeting every muscle group, full moon yoga focuses on mindfulness while at the same time providing an excellent stretch routine. Although full moon yoga is a low intensity workout with light stretches, you can increase the intensity level by variations of cardio and strength training stretches. “Most people spend a lot of their time indoors and this is the perfect way of being outdoors in the evening and enjoying some fresh air, exercise and stretching,” says Adeline Wee, operations director at Six Senses Spa at Al Bustan Palace, a Ritz-Carlton Hotel, that conducts monthly full moon yoga classes. “Full moon yoga is a way of connecting with nature as it’s held outdoors and is also a nice way of connecting with like-minded people and the community,” she adds.

On an average, an hour of full moon yoga can burn between 100-450 calories depending upon the intensity of workout

Where:  Six Senses Spa at Al Bustan Palace, a Ritz-Carlton Hotel, organises full moon classes every month

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