Firdous- A Curated Collective

Firdous, is Paradise in Arabic. That’s what Oman has come to be in all our hearts and lives. We all experience a slice of paradise by living in this peaceful, scenic country, with gentle and generous people.

This is the theme of our collective. The paintings invoke emotions of peace and serenity in the viewer. The glorious landscape and the people of Oman find their way into an artists work.

The collective has 15 artists and the show has been curated and conceived by Tarini Agarwal.

It is a unique show in so far that it is a product of a group of artists learning together, who to decided to paint and interpret the same Omani landscape during a plein air sketching session using a variety of colors to invoke emotions in the viewer.

Kamal with a few artists

To create variety and add spice a few other artists were invited to participate and interpret Oman and how it inspires them. The size and substrates were fixed and the color palette was also limited. It is this is that brings the curated element to the forefront.

City Seasons Muscat, has been an important force at a Corporate level. It has been their endevour has been to promote new emerging artists, by giving them an opportunity to show case their work at their Majlis Café, it is their event.

The show ‘Firdous’ was inaugurated on 2nd May, by the eminent, Mrs Kamal Ajay Khimji, who is a member of Middle East Board of Art of Living. She is also International faculty, Art of Living. She expressed her joy at seeing all the paintings. She enjoyed the ‘Expression of beauty through the paint media, the expression that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder was very aptly proven in the exhibition.’

Inaugration 1

Participating artists in no particular order are-

Deepal Gheewala, Pragya Bhatnagar, Erica Barrow, Profulla Robert, Preethy Dileep

Hina Dharamsey, Elizabeth Davis, Soni Budhia , Harini Kumar, Shalini Kartik, Shalini Varma , Anjali Babu, Khursheed Raja, Rashmi Dauria and Tarini Agarwal

The art lovers and connoisseur can visit Majlis Café, City Seasons Muscat, Al Khuwair. The Artworks will be displayed for an entire month of May 2018.

Anjali says ‘I am very much impressed by the natural and cultural heritage of Oman. This is where I find the inspiration for my art.’

Rashmi Dauria, is a graduate of the prestigious Sir J.J. Institute of Applied Art, Mumbai where she completed her Diploma in Commercial Art. She has mant collectors of her art in Oman.

Pragya Bhatnagar “My work on display reflects my wonderful experience of living in Oman since 2005. I have displayed the beautiful landscapes of the Sultanate in abstract forms using multiple layers of paints with mixed media technique.”

Deepal Her first love and passion is art. Pursuing art gives her a wonderful feeling of satisfaction. After moving to Oman she has been lucky to pursue this hobby as a profession.

Elizabeth has rediscovered painting after a long break and she thoroughly and passionately enjoying it. The captivating mountains of Oman are her inspiration for abstraction. She hope’s she has captured the mysterious beauty of these mountains and wadis.

Erica Barrow is a marketing professional who loves dabbling with art. She started off with doodles and recently moved to painting. She has always been inspired by colour, design and art that evokes feeling.

Harini Kumar is a Fine Arts Graduate from Stella Maris College Chennai, India. She works with a variety of mediums – chiefly oil and acrylics. Her style is semi abstract with vibrant colors and strokes.

Preethy is a versatile artist exploring different mediums while pursuing a career in designing and teaching. She is an expressive and realistic artist, recently started exploring abstract art. Always fascinated by the vivacity of nature she has tried to capture the expressiveness of nature in Oman in her paintings.”

Profulla feels that in this fast paced world, the play of colors and shapes in nature gives her a feeling of peace and harmony. She tries to convey these emotions to people through her paintings.

Khursheed’s work is a constant search for the best way to interpret the ideas that she has about herself and the world she lives in. These paintings depict the essence of a woman. Women are like water because water is the source of life and it adapts itself to its environment and nurtures life wherever it goes.

Shalini Kartik is an up-and-coming artist with a penchant for mixed media on canvas. She draws the inspiration for her paintings from the beautiful landscape in Oman. She uses different mediums to express different ideas

Shalini Varma is a self-taught artist with a proclivity for oil painting. She is inspired by the rich culture and beauty of this country; she was motivated to express her appreciation through her brushstrokes on the canvas. 

Soni is an artist who has been always deeply interested in culture, traditions and heritage of Oman. Her inclination towards Omani culture is reflected in her creations.

Tarini Agarwal Adraws her inspiration from the glorious landscapes, people and culture of Oman.

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