Ferrari 812 Superfast: A beast waiting to be unleashed

Ferrari has long since proved that it is in for the ‘seconds’ game. And for good reasons too: It takes only 2.9 seconds for its 812 Superfast to zoom from zero to 100kmph, a couple more seconds for the driver to adjust to the functions of the car and just an extra second longer to fall in love with it. 

The 812 Superfast turn heads in the city roads owing to its looks, and more. Its engine growl makes it quite evident that the 812 Superfast is a mean beast waiting to be unleashed.  And driving out of Muscat, just as soon as we crossed Wadi Kabir and turned right towards Sifah, is when I got my first rush of pure adrenaline. The car’s aerodynamics, speed and sound – felt like music to my ears and electricity in my veins.

The very first time I rode in an 812 Superfast, I was fortunate to be driven by a seasoned driver and car enthusiast who passed along an excellent advice - “Do not let the car overwhelm you.” But that’s easier said than done considering this Prancing Horse has the pure power to intimidate you, not just with its futuristic design and chiselled body but also the unparalleled power of its mid-front placed engine.

Equipped with a V12, the 812 Superfast is billed as Ferrari’s most-powerful and fastest road-going car to roll out of its stables.  Engine output has been boosted by 60hp compared to its predecessor – the F12berlinetta – so that it produces a massive 788hp at 8,500rpm and maximum torque of 718Nm at 7,000rpm.

When it was my turn to drive, that piece of advice was foremost on my mind before I turned on the ignition and hit the accelerator. But holding on to an impulse to pump up the speed, the first thing I tested – a personal mandatory checklist – were the brakes. Impressive enough… the Brembo Extreme Design brakes, which were previously fitted in the LaFerrari, are the most efficient ever developed by Ferrari. Combined with the Hi-Performance ABS and 9.0 Premium ESP, they deliver absolutely unprecedented stopping distances.

The new 812 Superfast is also fitted with Ferrari’s F1 dual-clutch transmission, which evolved to meet the car’s track-driving performance targets and cope with the boost in maximum revs to 8,900rpm.

Another noteworthy feature about the 812 Superfast is its smooth gear transitions. The car’s sportiness has been enhanced and response times slashed, thanks to better calibration of the gear-shift strategy. This gives the driver better control on speed while retaining the feel of its massive power and throttle. In both up- and downshifts, transition time has been reduced by 30 per cent.

The 812 Superfast is also the first Ferrari to sport Electric Power Steering adding to its performance. With excellent vehicle dynamics, control systems and innovative design, it is guaranteed to deliver an unmatched driving experience.


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