Exciting tourism attractions to visit during the National Day holidays

November is the month of festivity and joy in Oman, as it marks the National Day of the Sultanate.

With the national day holidays around the corner, the Ministry of Tourism is making an additional effort to ensure visitors as well as Omanis and residents visit and explore tourism attractions around the Sultanate. Here are 11 tourism attractions that you will enjoy visiting during the National Day holidays:



Old Muscat, Muscat Governorate:

The old town of Muscat is associated with memories of the past and its elegance is evident through the classical buildings, corniche, stores, houses, and mosques. Its Watch Tower located in Muttrah is a must-visit. Surrounded by lights and fountains on top of the mountain, the tower stands tall above Muttrah’s charming beauty.  

Wadi Bani Habib Village in Jabal Akhdar, Al Dhakiliya Governorate

Wadi Bani Habib can be explored by going down natural rocky stairs among the breathtaking scenery of mountains and trees. When finally arriving at the Wadi, the peach, almond, pomegranate, olive and walnut trees welcome one a colorful festive. After taking a break under the tree shades, you can go up into the old abandoned district of clay houses. A surreal feeling is sure to grip you while wandering around this enchanting place.  

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Mibam Village, A'Sharqiyah South:

The village of Mibam, is located amidst Tiwi’s scenic beauty, and can only be reached by a four-wheel vehicle. Mibam is a quiet and serene village that makes one feel at home almost immediately, and has a soothing vibe. One can see the old castle overlooking the village while walking between the village’s rich farmlands, falajes and waterfalls. The people of Mibam are extremely friendly and happy to help visitors and residents alike.

 Wadi Bani Kharous, Al Batinah South:

A geographical treasure - Wadi Bani Kharous has been a center of culture and agriculture in Oman for hundreds of years. The high mountains on either side are formed by limestones; and the ones present at the wadi’s entrance.


Al Khalidiya, Musandam Governorate:

Southeast to Khasab lies the open woodland of As Sei park in Al Khalidiya. Having acacia trees with broad tops that create shaded areas individuals or families to spend a lovely picnic afternoon. The area comes to life with the flocks of birds that migrate to it in spring and autumn.

Bat Village, Al Dhahra Governorate:

Bat is a village on the east of Al Duriz, on the main road between Ibri and Al Rustaq. The village’s monuments have earned it a place in the list of UNESCO world heritage sites; and are a pleasant sight to explore and get to know the history of the place with the company of a tour guide.

Al Buraimi Souq, Al Buraimi Governorate:

If you are interested in discovering the cultural activities of everyday life in Oman, then you must certainly head to the souqs; and one of the best souq to begin this journey is the Al Buraimi souq. You can find all types of local produce here that are only available in the early morning of the weekends. Apart from this, one can also find interesting souvenirs and antiques at the souq.

A'Sharqiyah Sands, A'Sharqiyah North:

Winter is the perfect season to go on a trip to the Omani deserts where you can enjoy splendid activities such as camping, camel-riding, star-gazing, and four-wheel drives. A trip to A'Sharqiyah sands is a perfect way to spend the holiday, as the desert holds beautiful biological diversity

Ras Al Madrakah Beach:

Ras Al Madrakah, near Duqm is a breezy, misty, beach with a weather that is a lot cooler than the northern coast of Oman courtesy the presence of monsoon clouds in summer months. The scenery here is stunningly attractive, and the beach is a good fishing spot too, where one can enjoy the beautiful soft sand and waves on a weekend camping day out.

 Liwa Fort, Al Batinah North:

Liwa fort is a beautiful piece of architecture that contains skillfully made artworks and designs although it has been built as a martial protective unit. The fort has been built with 5 towers, huge cannons, and a castle to prevent external forces from invading it. One can pay a visit and explore its history between 7:30 am to 2:30 pm from Sunday to Thursday.

Al Baleed and the Museum of the Frankincense Land, Dhofar Governorate:

The UNESCO world heritage site of Al Baleed is a combination of an open-air archaeological site and a museum of the frankincense trail. The well-established museum focuses on the themes of the historical and archaeological heritage of Dhofar and the remarkable maritime tradition of the Governorate and Oman. It is a must-visit destination once you are in Salalah.

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