Apex Media: Bitter About Litter campaign- We are not alone

This is evidenced by the immense support our recently launched campaign has attracted, not only by readers and followers of Muscat Daily, TheWeek and www.muscatdaily.com but also via our growing social media channels.

Environmentally conscious citizens have joined the ‘Bitter About Litter’ campaign.

Apex Media has always felt strongly about social causes and this campaign was certain to strike a chord amongst the wider public. After recognising the necessity of an awareness drive on such an important issue, people from different walks of life have been responding to the campaign and registering with us to be actively involved. Other like-minded citizens have sent many images and comments regarding litter they have found whilst enjoying the beaches, wadis and streets of Oman.

We are delighted to introduce those readers that have joined our campaign. This is just the beginning, as we are planning a number of activities moving forward.

   With ‘Bitter About Litter’ we aim to appeal to those people who discard their litter irresponsibly and hopefully change their attitude and behaviour resulting in a cleaner Oman for residents and visitors alike.

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