A Splendid Mélange

The raw bar at OMNY (Supplied photo)

A fusion represents the best of the component factors. Two vastly distinct identities come together to generate a product that has the best characteristics of the constituent elements. And such is the story of OMNY Brasserie, at the Hormuz Grand Hotel, Muscat.

An amalgamation of French, Italian and Omani cuisines, set up in a New York style, the OMNY Brasseri offers a unique experience to its diners.

“Oman is becoming a multicultural place where we can find different people from different cultures. This is what is seen in New York as well,” says Ghislain Dekeyser, restaurant manager at OMNY.


Salad Nicoise

“New York is a melting pot. The thought  behind OMNY was to reproduce that idea in a restaurant style, specially as a brasserie, which is very common in New York.” But it is the USP of the fusion element that will make OMNY stand out, says Dekeyser.

“The concept is not to replicate a New York style brasserie, but to recreate in an Omani style – something unique, that you can’t find anywhere else.”

The menu is an unusual mix of mostly French and Italian cuisine. Though primarily European, the dishes are reproduced only with Omani ingredients. “The recipes are not authentic, because we don’t want it to be typical. We want it to be an interpretation,” says Dekeyser. Braised Beef Short Ribs, Corn-fed Chicken are just some of the popular choices on the menu; while Artichoke and Labneh Bruschetta, Shuwa Burger and Haloumi Souffle are the examples of the fusion dishes.



The conflation of cultures that is reflected in the menu, permeates to the staff as well. For, according to OMNY’s objective, the team is a multicultural mix of members from India, Kenya, South Africa, Malta, France and Romania.

Even the music is a blend of jazz, lounge and ambient tones. The intention is to lend a holistic fusion experience to the guests.

Luke Borg, executive chef at OMNY, who is also in charge of the food operations throughout the five restaurants at the hotel, says, “My objective here is to continue a great story of success and obtain maximum results in whatever challenges I am tasked to, with a positive attitude and smile.”

Hailing from Malta, the chef has won numerous international awards and medals and has vast experience in working with Michelin-starred restaurants in the past.

Sous chef Ashleena Pillay, from South Africa, says being part of the team at OMNY is “an amazing opportunity”. In just her second week at the brasserie, she says she “has learnt a lot”.


OMNY restaurant interiors

“The chefs cook with so much love and passion. Everything is tasted before it goes out. They ensure that the guests are going to like it,” she says.

The highlights of the place include a live kitchen, raw food bar, and tastefully done indoor and outdoor seating options. A highly congenial demeanour towards the guests, and prompt assistance mark the service at OMNY.

“We’d like our guests to travel but by staying at the same place. Travel through the food. We’d like them to be in a bubble, to feel different for a few hours while they are here at the OMNY and not be able to compare with someone else,” said Dekeyser.

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