Caterina -Carannante
    Caterina  Carannante

    My 10 years in Oman

    Caterina Carannante is an Italian journalist and a corporate affairs consultant, who moved to Oman 10 years ago and started her entrepreneurial adventure setting up a local company, Tricolore International LLC, for the promotion of Made in Italy. You can contact her at

Zero waste
    May 23, 2019

Each day in Oman every person produces 1.19kg of solid waste, according to the last World Bank’s report ‘What a Waste 2.0’ published in December 2018. It means that each person, rounding up, about half a tonne of garbage every year. 

Then and now
    May 9, 2019

“Oman? Do you mind if I see where it is on a map?” That was me, my first words after my former director told me that I would soon travel to the sultanate.

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