Suhail Bahwan Group joins hands with Granlund to offer energy efficiency solutions in Oman

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Suhail Bahwan Group (SBG), one of the prominent business houses of Oman, signed a partnership agreement with Finland-based Granlund for offering the European company’s consultancy and software services in Oman.

The agreement was signed by Pekka Metsi, CEO and president of Granlund and Amal Suhail Bahwan, vice chairperson of SBG, at a ceremony held at Grand Hyatt Muscat on Thursday.

Under the agreement, Bahwan IT LLC, one of the flagship companies of SBG, will be marketing Granlund’s cloud-based software dedicated for improving energy efficiency in the sultanate. The Finnish company claims that their software can help companies save significant amount of money by cutting energy requirements.

Amal said, “We are glad to be partnering with Granlund, whose core expertise is energy efficiency in built environment. Globally the building sector consumes more electricity than any other sector. As such investing in energy management and efficiency solutions is very important. We strongly believe the software provided by Granlund offers practical solutions to optimise and reduce energy consumption and thus save costs significantly.”

Speaking at the event, Jan Pawli, vice president of Granlund International, said their software can help clients across all sectors to cut energy requirements by increasing efficiencies and reducing wastefulness through number of steps the software could suggest.

He explained that the cost related to maintenance of any building can broadly be divided into seven sections, out of which three sections – facility management, equipment and energy- account for around 80 per cent of the cost. And Granlund’s cloud-based solution, which is currently being used by over 1,000 companies across 30 countries, can help clients in Oman, particularly large organisations to reduce costs.

Pawli said the company’s software offers innovative solutions that gives visibility and control in the hands of the management of a company so that they can effectively monitor maintenance activities and quality, along with the cost. Moreover, it will also help firms in mapping energy consumption and thereby enabling them to take steps to reduce wastefulness.

On growth potential for Granlund in the Omani market, the Finnish company official said, ”Till energy costs were low in the GCC region, there wasn’t much scope as the focus was more on building projects and infrastructure. Now, with the rise in energy cost, the focus has shifted towards reducing costs and increasing efficiencies. Same has happened 20 years back in Europe also.”

Pawli said that the company would be utilising its partner SBG’s reach and knowledge to expand in Oman. “SBG is a great partner for us as they are one of the leading companies in Oman in this area. They have strong experience in both property maintenance and energy efficiency. Granlund sees big possibilities in the Oman market in property maintenance business. Our expectations are high and we are looking forward to our future co-operation,” he said.

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