Sohar Aluminium showcases world-class facilities to 200 ARABAL 2017 delegates

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Concluding this year’s three-day Arab International Aluminium Conference and Exhibition (ARABAL), around 200 delegates toured Sohar Aluminium’s facilities in Sohar to get a first-hand look at the company’s ever growing production capacity, cutting-edge technology, environmental stewardship and rigorous safety standards. 

Sohar Aluminium is Oman’s first greenfield smelter and the fourth largest primary aluminium manufacturer in the Middle East and North Africa region.

Delegates praised the high level of transparency demonstrated by a team of experts from Sohar Aluminium who explained each stage of the aluminium reduction, anode manufacturing, extrusion processes, as well as the casting and power generation procedures applied at the facilities in addition to the company’s advanced occupational and environmental, health and stringent safety measures.

The plant operates under the world-leading ‘AP39’ technology capable of producing 375,000MT of primary aluminium per annum. Sixty per cent of its production is earmarked for consumption by local downstream industries while 40 per cent is exported globally.

“We are committed to demonstrating excellence and efficiency in our operations and remain resolutely accountable to our entire stakeholder community,” Said al Masoudi, CEO of Sohar Aluminium, said in a press release.

Masoudi added, “As we strive to continue contributing to the nation’s long-term prosperity, Sohar Aluminium is proud to be a catalyst for the creation of new and diversified opportunities, an engine for the generation of employment, and a stimulus for the creation of new business.

Our growth has been empowering a generation of professionals and innovators who will continue to elevate our industry for years to come.”

The 21st edition of ARABAL has been an opportunity to realise the strength of Oman’s aluminium industry and the potential of its human capital. Guided by the theme ‘Driving strategic growth across the global aluminium industry’, the integrated programme of panel discussions featured more than 60 renowned speakers and expert analysts who shared key insights on the current global economic climate along with market challenges and opportunities as new supply and demand centres emerge in addition to potential use of renewable energy sources, warehousing, and innovation in aluminium.

ARABAL 2017 also included an exhibition that featured a prestigious line-up of 43 companies from some of the world’s leading product and service providers.

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