PDO plans to expand operations outside Oman

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Oman’s largest oil producer, Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) plans to expand its operations outside the sultanate. The company is particularly interested in providing services related to enhanced oil recovery (EOR) in overseas markets and is now awaiting its board’s approval, Raoul Restucci, managing director of PDO said.

Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of the World Heavy Oil Congress & Exhibition at Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre last week, Restucci said, “We have got so much of expertise in a number of areas (related to the exploration and production of heavy and difficult oil) that we have proposed to the board to form ‘PDO International’ where we will be able to offer our services as the well, reservoir and facilities management (WRFM) company outside Oman.”

WRFM services are primarily used in mature oil-fields where the production falls due to ageing. With the help of a number of steps, oil companies use WRFM to arrest the decline in production and in extending the age of oil-fields’ profitably.

Restucci said that PDO is globally known for its specialisation in WRFM segment and in the GCC region the company has a leadership position in utilising EOR techniques.

“We are already discussing about the possibility of providing our services in Bahrain and have recently initiated the process with Indonesia also,” he said, adding that in EOR segment and in the field of extracting heavy oil, PDO has much more to share with others.

Speaking about recent developments in EOR techniques, Restucci said, “Technology is constantly evolving and we are able to capture more and more incremental opportunities. Exploration is getting better and better and that is helping us understand the subsurface better.”

He further said that the advancement in mining, exploration and seismic technologies is helping Oman in exploring new oil fields at a much quicker rate and because of this the percentage of heavy oil in PDO’s products is continuously varying.

“The percentage continuously changes as we are constantly identifying new opportunities. This means focusing more on easier primary and secondary oilfields and that also means we are delaying EOR. Three years ago, I would have said 30 per cent output would be from EOR, but now I would say about 25 per cent, and in future this number could be just 20 per cent,” he added.

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