Oman ‘well prepared’ to develop smart cities

Muscat - 

Oman is working towards implementing smart solutions as part of its plan to develop smart city projects with the help of various stakeholders to drive efficiency and productivity, a senior government official said on Monday.

Speaking as a keynote speaker at Comex conference on Monday, Ibrahim Talib al Wardi, acting director general of e-services at Information Technology Authority (ITA) said that all conditions are well prepared in Oman for developing smart city projects and those concerned with the planning are keen to develop smart cities.

He said, “Oman is ready to implement next generation solutions, which will enable the government to work in the direction of setting up smart cities to provide solutions for the challenges thrown by the advancement of technologies. For this, we are seeking collaboration from all the stakeholders including private sector.”

Wardi said the primary usage of technology is to facilitate service providers to serve a large number of customers in a manner that cost remains under control. “We are predicting a sharp increase in IT spending across the GCC as most authorities in the region are looking to optimise costs and boost productivity,” he added.

The second day of Comex began with Smart Cities & Industry 4.0 Summit under the auspice of Omar Salim al Shanfari, deputy CEO for operations at ITA along with Tariq bin Sulaiman al Farsi, CEO of Al Raffd Fund, and in the presence of representatives of various government and private organisations.

At the Smart Cities & Industry 4.0 Summit, various presentations about the possible usage of blockchain, AI and Internet of Things were made by experts.

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