Oman’s Most Trusted Brands: Interview with Geeju Paul, general manager of Muscat Electronics

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Daikin-Muscat Electronics was named ‘Oman’s Most Trusted Brand’ of 2017 in the air conditioners category. Geeju Paul, general manager at Muscat Electronics discusses the brand strengths of Daikin and the outlook for air conditioners business in the Omani market. 

What do you believe were the key strengths that helped Daikin - Muscat Electronics to win Oman’s Most Trusted Brand Award in the air conditioners category?

Muscat Electronics and Daikin have won the trust of customers in Oman in the past 35 years by offering efficient products and excellent services.

How important is customers’ trust and satisfaction in your business, and what strategies have you adopted to retain customer satisfaction in the long run?

We believe the customer always comes first in the business strategy and we have achieved our growth mainly from the trust that we have gained from customers. Our customers have experienced the quality of our product and service offerings.

The window AC segment has witnessed a decline over the years due to shift in preference to split or centralised air conditioners in Oman. What are the reasons for this and how has this benefited you?

Window air conditioners range is a declining product line as these are less energy efficient and noisier compared to split systems .The shift has happened very fast as the price gap between the two has reduced in past five years.

Many sectors and industries witnessed a slowdown in the past couple of years in Oman due to weak oil prices. How did this affect Daikin’s business in the sultanate?

There is a slowdown in the business in both retail and projects segments. This downturn is affecting Daikin –Muscat Electronics business also. We are trying to mitigate this by focusing on segments where we were less active earlier.

The market for air conditioners is highly competitive with many brands available in Oman. How do Daikin and Muscat Electronics ensure that you remain competitive in the Omani market?

We have built our customer base in Oman over the past 35 years based on product quality and excellent aftersales service. New product offerings with better efficiencies from Daikin and continuous customer engagement from Muscat Electronics are helping us to stay ahead of the competition.

What are the key factors that you think will drive the growth of air conditioners business in Oman in near future?

Oman is promoting tourism sector and real estate development investments. These developments are opening doors for several new project opportunities, which will help air conditioners business to grow in the sultanate.

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