Oman reduces customs clearance time at borders

Muscat - 

Oman, which aspires to become a global logistics hub, has added another feather in its cap as the sultanate managed to significantly reduce the time taken for customs clearance at all international borders, according to a report.

Shorter customs clearance time for goods at international borders indicates a decline in redtapism particularly in terms of moving goods across the border. It is also considered a key benchmark indicating country’s competitiveness in logistics sector.

‘In response to 2018 targets, customs clearance time at the Port of Sohar in April 2018 was reduced to ten hours and at Muscat International Airport in February to four hours as per the target set for the one-stop-service (OSS)’, according to the Implementation Support and Follow-up Unit’s (ISFU) annual report released last week.

The ISFU was set up to follow up the outcomes of the National Program for Enhancing Economic Diversification (Tanfeedh). The implementation of OSS was possible as ISFU pushed the decision through a Cabinet decision and circulated it to all ministries, the report said.

The ISFU also stressed that out of 18 logistics sector initiatives announced by it last year, 14 showed strong progress.

The report also stressed that in the future, the establishment of a one-stop-shop for joint inspection will ensure optimum use of resources, improve revenue collection, increase adherence to legal obligations, enhance security and increase transparency.

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