OPWP plans new tenders for power and water projects

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Oman Power and Water Procurement Company (OPWP) is planning to issue a number of tenders for power generation and water desalination projects in 2017.

According to its recently released seven year statement (2017-2023), OPWP is planning the request for proposals (RfP) and request for qualifications (RfQ) tenders for a number of Independent Power Projects (IPPs) and Independent Water Projects (IWPs) to be set up in different parts of the sultanate.

In power generation sector, OPWP plans to procure Oman’s first large-scale solar IPP in 2017. ‘Technical advisors have been engaged to develop tender documents and an appropriate evaluation methodology that assures a cost-effective project without subsidy’, the company said in its seven year statement.

OPWP expects to issue a RfP tender for the solar IPP in the fourth quarter for a capacity of at least 200MW, to be operational by 2020.

The company will also issue a RfP tender for Misfah IPP in the second quarter, while a RfQ tender for asset sale of Manah IPP will be issued in the fourth quarter of 2017.

OPWP is also planning a tender for at least 1,600MW of contract extensions and new capacity for operation in 2022. The pre-qualification process for this tender is expected to begin in the third quarter of 2017.

In the fourth quarter of 2017, OPWP will issue a RfQ tender for IT systems for the planned electricity spot market in Oman.

‘Beyond 2017, future procurement initiatives may include additional solar or wind IPPs, a gas-fired IPP for service in 2024, and a coal-fired IPP for operation somewhat later than 2024 (pending government approvals)’, OPWP said.

OPWP’s major procurement activities for water in 2017 include: Contract award for Aseelah IWP (second quarter), contract award for Salalah III IWP (second quarter), RfP tender for Khasab IWP (second quarter), RfQ tender for Ghubrah III IWP (fourth quarter), RfQ tender for North Batinah IWP (fourth quarter), and potential RfQ tender for mobile and temporary water capacity, subject to necessary approvals.

OPWP added that it has initiated site investigations for another Dhofar IWP which, if approved, may start procurement in 2018.

The company noted that it is developing plans in 2017 for a more rapid transition to power supply from solar plants, wind farms and coal-fired generation to support government decision-making for the next generation of power capacity development.

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