Marafi, Dolphin sign agreement to develop new terminal at Sohar Port

Doha - 

ASYAD Group subsidiary Marafi and Qatar-based company Dolphin Integrated on Monday signed a shareholders’ agreement to develop an aggregate terminal at Sohar Port.

The proposed terminal with a loading capacity of approximately 8mn tons per year will enable large volume export of gabbro, a coarse-grained rock used in asphalt and other minerals. The project will be developed in two phases. The hybrid phase will facilitate aggregate exports by the end of 2018, and the permanent phase equipped with state of the art stacker-reclaimer system, conveyor and semi-automated ship loaders will be commissioned in 2020. The terminal capacity will be increased after the completion of the permanent phase to 12mn tonnes per annum.

Marafi’s acting CEO Dr Ahmed al Abri signed the agreement with Dolphin Integrated chairman Ghanem al Khayarin in Doha.
ASYAD Group CEO Eng Abdulrahman bin Salim al Hatmi said, “We have established this joint venture to accelerate the roll out of a landmark aggregate terminal in Oman”.

Hatmi emphasised that the terminal will pave the way for enhanced aggregates export capabilities from Oman. “Apart from attracting foreign investments to the country, it will also lead to increased job opportunities,” he said.

“There are tremendous opportunities to be secured from this project,” Abri said. “We have no doubt that our partnership with Dolphin will open new horizons for the growth of gabbro, limestone and minerals sector given that a significant number of quarries are operating in the northern part of the sultanate within close proximity to Sohar Port.”

Khayarin said, “We are looking forward to developing the terminal that will give a boost to the aggregate market in Oman. This signing enhances the avenues of existing cooperation between Qatar and Oman. We hope that developing an aggregate terminal would contribute in enabling Oman’s plan to increase exports and international competitiveness while meeting the needs of gabbro import markets.”

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