Governor of North Batinah opens ODB-financed projects

Muscat - 

H E Sheikh Mohana bin Seif al Lamaki, governor of North Batinah Governorate, on Tuesday opened the exhibition of the projects that were financed by Oman Development Bank (ODB) Saham branch, in North Batinah Governorate, under the title of ‘We Grow Together’.

Many officials, sheikhs, and investors attended the opening ceremony. More than 40 companies participated in the exhibition of those entrepreneurs who benefitted from the financial support extended by ODB for various sectors, in addition to some institutions in Saham.

The aim of the exhibition was to showcase the projects financed by ODB in the governorate, in an effort to promote in society investment projects that aim to achieve self-sufficiency and provide job opportunities for citizens, motivate the investors to benefit from the facilitations and advantages provided by the lenders such as ODB.

The Governor reviewed the exhibitions and the projects that financed by ODB, highlighting their high value addition in many fields, be it agriculture, industry, health or education.

H E Lamaki listened the promoters of the projects that ODB financed about the beginning of their projects and the products they have succeeded in bringing to the market. He also listened to an explanation about the role the bank takes when it comes to financing projects in the sultanate, and the facilitations and advantages given to the investors.

The Governor praised the role played by ODB in financing the various projects, which boosts the government economic strategies.

He also highlighted the importance of investments in the economic sectors, and to benefit from the financing opportunities offered by many parties in the sultanate.

Yasser bin Muhammad al Zedjali, director of Saham branch of ODB said that the bank, since its opening in 2014 till the end of August, has provided more than 1,991 loans, with a total amount of RO7.6mn.

These loans were represented in financing projects that will make a value addition and able provide job opportunities for national labour. He pointed out that the bank financed projects in Saham, Khaborah, and Al Swaiq representing 837 from the total number of loans given.

Moreover, the branch financed 19 educational project represented in establishing private schools, six health projects, 355 projects in the field of public services, 771 projects in the field of industry, and one project in the field of mining.

Zedjali clarified that ODB branch in Saham strives to encourage the investors to benefit from the bank’s loans, the facilitations and advantages it provide.

The Director of ODB branch in Saham also invited investors to benefit from the loans, the grace period, repayment period, and the technical support it provided.

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