Dhofar Poultry holds annual general meeting

Muscat - 

The annual general meeting (AGM) of Dhofar Poultry Co was held under the chairmanship of Salim bin Abdullah al Awadi, chairman of the board of directors.

The AGM, which took place at Hamdan Plaza Hotel in Salalah, was attended by the board members, shareholders and auditors of the company with an attendance rate of over 94 per cent.

The meeting discussed the items included in the agenda of the AGM.

The chairman of the meeting told the company’s shareholders that Dhofar Poultry Co achieved a profit of RO114,644 in 2017 compared to RO375,690 in 2016. The decline in profit was due to the increase in the cost of sales despite the improvement in production and sales compared to the previous year.

Dhofar Poultry Co is planning to target local and regional markets to sell its products, which are characterised by high quality. The company is also working to modernise and develop all its production divisions.

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