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Jesus Moran, CEO, World Confederation of Businesses

Muscat - 

The World Confederation of Businesses (WORLDCOB) is a leading organisation that encourages global business development. Headquartered in Houston, US, it has associated members in 70 countries around the world.

The confederation has been organising one of the most important business awards, THE BIZZ, since 2005 in different cities around the world. This year's ceremony will be held at the Sharq Village Hotel & Spa in Doha on September 16. The awards distinguish and acknowledge business excellence in companies around the world.

In an interview to Muscat Daily, chief executive Jesus Moran speaks about WORLDCOB's objectives, evaluation criteria for THE BIZZ and participation of GCC companies in the awards.


Could you brief us on the background and main objectives of WORLDCOB?

We have three main objectives: First is to motivate and stimulate companies with our business excellence recognition award, THE BIZZ. Second, to create and generate business networking among member companies.

And finally, to promote the culture of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in the business community around the globe.


How many member companies do you have, and how many are from the Middle East and GCC?

Currently, WORLDCOB has over 3,000 member companies around the world, a few hundred of which are in the Middle East region.


What are the main objectives of THE BIZZ awards?

The main objectives are to motivate managements, employees, clients and vendors to pursue superior business practices and their continuous improvement.

Also, one of our objectives is to honour and distinguish successful business models, worthy of being imitated, in order to encourage further business excellence.


Apart from awards, what other main services does the confederation provide to companies?

We provide several other services, such as, business-networking consultancy, online training programmes, corporate-image consultancy, and corporate social responsibility (CSR) certification.


What are the main evaluation criteria for THE BIZZ 2012?

Actually we have six evaluation criteria that we consider to be the primary components of business excellence.

Among them are: Managerial leadership, management systems, quality in goods and services, creativity and innovation, social responsibility and results.


What is the kind of interest among Middle East companies to participate in THE BIZZ and become part of the confederation's network?

Companies always like to have exposure, and, of course, distinguish themselves from the competition in their industry; current clients will increase their loyalty and new clients will be attracted to working with a company that has met the criteria.

This obviously depends on how much a company makes the public aware of its achievements.

We offer great tools such as logos, press releases, and a directory. Also, we believe that we can greatly contribute to development in several other areas.

For example, one of our primary goals is to promote business networking. So as a member, the award winning company will participate free of charge in our next EXPOBIZZ Business Convention.

Also, all of our members can access our member zone online and download the database of more than 3,000 companies from around the globe.

We also offer our online training programmes (in our member zone), our corporate-image consultancy, and our corporate social responsibility consultancy and certification.


How many companies would be honoured in the upcoming THE BIZZ awards in Doha?

We will be awarding nearly 80 companies from the GCC, Europe and Latin America.


In your view, how has the global financial crisis affected corporate efforts and approach to achieve the highest standards of business excellence? What is the importance of business excellence amid the current economic uncertainties?

The rules of the game have become harder. Therefore, we believe that the market is more demanding of working with companies that have proven business excellence and CSR standards.

In a slow economy, companies that have more to show and distinguish themselves will be the ones that continue to grow.


What main differences do you notice between GCC and Western companies in terms of achieving standards of excellence?

I believe that the GCC companies are very similar to Western companies in terms of setting goals and standards for excellence.

A major difference is the legal atmosphere and requirements in areas such as labour.

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