Bahwan CyberTek forms JV with Telekom Brunei

Hind Bahwan and Telekom Brunei director Zakaria Serudin exchange documents at the signing ceremony

Muscat - 

Omani IT products and services company Bahwan CyberTek and Brunei telecommunications major Telekom Brunei have signed a joint venture that will see the world's only two sultanates join hands to create and manage a state-of-the-art contact centre in the South East Asian country.

To be set up in Brunei Darussalam, the joint entity will utilise Bahwan CyberTek's Cuecent technology and the domain expertise of Telekom Brunei subsidiary Sipadu Systems to jointly create and market products for the telecommunications and government sectors.

The first of its kind in the Brunei market, the JV - which is 51 per cent owned by Bahwan CyberTek and 49 per cent by Telekom Brunei - will not only target local business but also focus on the Indonesian, Filipino and Malaysian markets.

Hind Bahwan, chairperson of Bahwan CyberTek, said the project has been in the pipeline for more than 12 months with the company using its expertise in the sector to expand from its current locations in the Middle East and America into South East Asia.

She said, “Bahwan CyberTek has been working closely with Telekom Brunei for over a year now to develop the roadmap and strategy for jointly addressing the market needs of Brunei Darussalam by leveraging on the vast experience Bahwan CyberTek has in IT and IT-enabled services business.”

Bahwan added that the similarities of both countries helped in the formation of the JV. “When we visited Brunei we did not feel it was completely new territory and we were well supported by the people concerned there,” she said.

S Durgaprasad, director and CEO of Bahwan CyberTek, said that the JV is part of the company's strategy to use Brunei as a base for its South East Asian operations.

He said, “On the back of a strong bilateral relationship between Brunei and Oman we decided to focus our attention on Brunei by making it a hub for our growth in the ASEAN region. Today we service large clients like Ministry of Primary Resources, Ministry of Home Affairs, Shell Brunei amongst others.

“Our relationship with Telekom Brunei is over one-year old and with the signing of this JV we expect it to grow from strength to strength. We see a lot of synergies between the two organisations and this  will be a wonderful platform for our growth in the region.”

Durgaprasad also told Muscat Daily that the contact centre business could have 'huge potential' in Oman. “It is definitely going to gain momentum as it goes down the line. People here have a good attitude and I think it could become a good hub with respect to contact centres,” he added.

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