Amiantit opens precast concrete plant in Rusayl

Muscat - 

Amiantit Oman Concrete Products LLC has inaugurated its new manufacturing facility for engineered precast concrete products at Rusayl Industrial Estate in Muscat.

The inauguration event was attended by H E Dr Omar Zawawi, Sheikh Suhail Salim Bahwan, Sheikh Mohammed Saud Bahwan, Brig (retd) Waleed Zawawi, Sheikh Ahmed Suhail Bahwan, Amal Suhail Bahwan, PAEW chairman H E Muhammad bin Abdullah al Mahrooqi, Haya Water CEO Eng Hussain Hassan Ali Abdul Hussain and Oman Arab Bank CEO Abdul Kader Askalan, among others.

The plant has been set up with technical support from Munro Ltd of Canada and has been partly financed by Oman Arab Bank and Arab Bank of Bahrain.

The facility will manufacture prestressed steel cylinder pipes for high-pressure transmission of potable water, precast box culverts for roads and bridges, precast concrete manholes for sewer and storm-water applications, reinforced concrete jacking pipes for micro-tunneling used for sewer transport and sleeve applications and reinforced concrete pipes for storm-water drainage applications.

The advanced facility at the plant reengineers the conventional process to save time and cost, complementing in-country value and creating significant job opportunities for Omanis.

According to a press release, this facility from Amiantit Oman will provide long lasting, time tested and economical solutions, which would significantly reduce project expenses for the country.

The prestressed steel cylinder pipes manufactured by the company are designed for use in high-pressure water transmission networks and has the potential to significantly reduce import of expensive metallic pipes currently being used for the same application in Oman and the region.

The precast engineered box culverts will provide substantial progress on project timelines and savings by reducing dependence of imported workforce and would provide value added jobs for nationals in the factory.

G L Banerjee, CEO Amiantit Oman, said, “The plant through its diverse range of products would endorse Amiantit’s vision to provide innovative, long lasting, easy-to-install solutions which would bring savings to Oman and serve government bodies like Public Authority for Electricity & Water (PAEW), Haya Water,  Muscat Municipality, Ministry of Regional Municipalities, Petroleum Development Oman (PDO), Salalah Sanitary Drainage Services Co (SSDC), Ministry of Transport and Communications, to name a few.”

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